Lyophilization Technology

Dual Chamber Cartridges & Syringes

Product DesignDual Chamber Cartridges and Syringes

Utilizing state-of-the-art proprietary technology LTI is pleased to offer our clients the flexibility to fill cartridge and syringe containers as well as vials. Cartridges and syringes, single or double chamber, can be processed in both the Development Laboratory and in the sterile suite to provide Clinical Trial Material to allow for ease of technical transfer. Whether developing a new dual chamber containers product, making the switch from a vial to a cartridge/syringe, or ready to process Clinical Trial Material, leverage on our experience, in this growing field.

There is no batch size too small and no long wait to get into a processing queue. We take pride in our flexibility allowing for faster material production to meet your needs.

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Click here for your copy of "Combination Product Development - New Horizons in Development to Meet Emerging Demands" by LTI's president, Ed Trappler and Credence MedSystems's John Merhige. This article is a result of a collaboration between the two and has been published in the industry publication, Drug Development & Delivery.